Lake Fire Threatens Neverland Ranch and Surrounding Areas

The Lake Fire in Southern California threatens properties including Neverland Ranch, once owned by Michael Jackson. Evacuation orders have been issued for the area.

The Lake Fire, a wildfire that has been raging in Southern California, has now reached the outskirts of Santa Barbara County, threatening several properties including the infamous Neverland Ranch, once owned by the late pop icon Michael Jackson.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department has issued mandatory evacuation orders for the surrounding areas, including the former property of the King of Pop. The fire, which has already burned over 13,000 acres, is currently being battled by over 1,000 firefighters.

Neverland Ranch, located in the Santa Ynez Valley, was purchased by Jackson in 1987 and served as his private residence and amusement park. The property, which was named after the fictional island in the story of Peter Pan, was famously known for its zoo, amusement rides, and a grand mansion.

After Jackson’s death in 2009, the property was sold to a real estate investment firm and renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch. The new owners have since made significant changes to the property, including removing the amusement park rides and renaming the famous train station.

Despite the changes, the property still holds a special place in the hearts of many fans and has become a popular tourist destination. However, the current owners have not disclosed whether any structures on the property have been affected by the wildfire.

The Lake Fire, which started on August 12, has been fueled by strong winds and dry conditions, making it difficult for firefighters to contain. As of now, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department has urged residents in the affected areas to evacuate immediately and to follow all safety precautions. They have also advised people to stay updated on the situation through official channels and to avoid spreading rumors or false information.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the Lake Fire, including the current and former owners of Neverland Ranch. We hope that the firefighters are able to contain the fire soon and that everyone stays safe during this difficult time.

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