Experience the boundaries of emotion with Amberscent’s debut album ‘Between Strength and Beauty’

Experience the boundaries of emotion with Amberscent's debut album 'Between Strength and Beauty', a unique blend of classical music and electronic influences, set to release on February 26th, 2024.
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Embark on a musical journey through the depths of emotion and self-discovery with Amberscent’s debut album ‘Between Strength and Beauty’ – a transcendent blend of electronic and classical influences that will leave you questioning the boundaries of existence.

Rome, Italy

Release Date: February 14, 2024
Check out Between Strength And Beauty here: https://go.sono.to/betweenstrengthandbeauty

Amberscent, also known as Giada Squarcia, is a rising artist from Rome, Italy. Her unique sound is a blend of classical music, electronic instruments, and influences from her studies in music for cinema. Her debut full-length album, titled “Between Strength and Beauty”, is set to release on February 26th, 2024.

The Meaning Behind the Title

The album’s title holds a special meaning for Amberscent, as she describes it as the place where she found herself while composing it. She explains, “I felt like I was between the strength and beauty of something that I couldn’t quite grasp yet.” This sparked her interest in exploring the edges and boundaries of emotions and how they affect us.

A Personal and Creative Process

Amberscent’s creative process for this album was deeply personal, delving into philosophical and creative research on the concept of “what is in between”. She investigates the borders and edges of both tangible and intangible elements, through a profound exploration of her psyche and its connection to sound. This results in a raw and authentic representation of her feelings and emotions through her music.

The Clash of Sounds

The artist’s vision is brought to life through a constant battle between electronic and classical music. The clash between synths and strings, pianos and drum machines, and heavily processed vocals over a natural and delicate lead voice, creates a unique sound that is both haunting and beautiful.

The Album’s Message

The album consists of 12 tracks, each representing a place of safety for Amberscent, where the boundaries and edges she has been exploring collapse into themselves. These boundaries are often complex and sometimes painful, representing the trenches of her emotions. Through this album, Amberscent realizes that the common thread among all these places is love – the driving force behind everything in life.

In the end, “Between Strength and Beauty” is an album about the struggle and beauty of love. It captures the moments when we find ourselves in a battlefield of emotions, and the only way to make sense of it all is by seeing the beauty in it. With influences from artists like Björk and James Blake, Amberscent’s music is a breath of fresh air in the ever-evolving electronic genre.


Amberscent Bio

Giada Squarcia, aka Amberscent, was born in Marche, a region in central Italy, and is now based in Rome. Her artistic identity has been shaped on classical music studies, music for cinema studies, and research on electronic instruments. She defines everything she writes as multiple attempts to bring those very different parts of herself together, even though whenever she writes about something, she actually never starts from herself.

The main reason she keeps looking into opposing and yet matching sounds is that she finds their combination always far more accurate than anything else in describing not only herself, but also emotions and the way they affect us.

In addition to her own project, she is mainly dedicated to the soundtrack of short films, video art and also the live performances of soundtracks on films, for which she was a finalist for several competitions and received an award for the best experimental soundtrack of a historic advertising spot of in international contest (SeeUsound – Turin).

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