JSDavani Unveils “Son of Man of Chair”: a Musical Legacy Lives on Forever

Known for his eclectic approach as a multifaceted artist in the realms of multimedia art and multi-instrumental talents, JSDavani has released “Son of Man of Chair” – an album that is deeply personal and innovative. The project consists of manipulated samples, field recordings, and intimate family conversations forming a unique musical exploration focused around his father, from whom the album takes its title—Manochehr S. Davani.

An idea for this album comes from Jacoby Davani’s never-ceasing interest in fusion, in mixing the most diverse forms of artistic expression, after more than two decades of engagement with various genres of music and visual arts. It brings to life an intricate tapestry of life experiences shared through familial bonds captured during gatherings and personal moments. And this ambitious project was produced and engineered by JSDavani himself, with help from family members—their voices thickened the real layer of the narrative.

“Son of Man of Chair” is much more than an album—it is a treatise set to music. Every track gets into detailed discussion, all ranging from personal history to the philosophical musings of time and existence framed within the context from Iran to the global stage. Named ‘everything,’ this album stands for a sound journey, where from tender, interior tunes to stronger rhythmic beats, it walks the tightrope of style and sound, giving a human voice to the.

Lyrical content focuses on changing themes along with luck and the essence of time.

Its title is one of the key themes from the conversations which provided listeners a direct connection to what inspired them. Some of the highlights include the exploration of life’s unpredictability and changes in personal identity across time.

Accompanying the album is a set of photos and visual artworks that experiment with encapsulating the themes of the project. All of these pieces are currently being prepared for an upcoming exhibition and consist of photo collages and mosaics creating a visual interpretation of the story on the album.

JSDavani “Son of Man of Chair” has been built as a time capsule for future generations, conceived that this will be a project complete only when his descendants engage with it. This adds temporal dimensions to the work that is profound, being a legacy piece meant to resonate across generations.

Reflecting on the project, JSDavani says, “Musically, it’s my most reflective and contemplative release. It’s also my most personal. Artistically, it’s a project that uses time in much the same way a time capsule would. The project won’t be complete until my great-grandchildren hear the project and respond to it.”. A testament to JSDavani’s innovative spirit and commitment to making art that transcends time and space, “Son of Man of Chair” presents a sonorous look into the past while forging ahead in this uncertain future.

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