Mitski Releases Haunting New Tracks for Spotify Singles Series

Mitski showcases her powerful vocals and versatility as an artist with two new tracks, "Buffalo Replaced" and a cover of Pete Seeger's "Coyote, My Little Brother," released as part of Spotify's Singles series. Don't miss out on these haunting and emotive songs.

Indie rock artist Mitski has recently released two new tracks as part of Spotify’s Singles series. The songs, “Buffalo Replaced” and a cover of Pete Seeger’s “Coyote, My Little Brother,” showcase Mitski’s unique sound and powerful vocals.

“Buffalo Replaced” is a reimagined version of Mitski’s 2018 track “Geyser,” from her critically acclaimed album Be the Cowboy. The new version features a stripped-down arrangement, with Mitski’s haunting vocals taking center stage. The lyrics, which touch on themes of loneliness and longing, are given new life in this intimate rendition.

In addition to “Buffalo Replaced,” Mitski also recorded a cover of “Coyote, My Little Brother,” a folk song originally written by Pete Seeger. Mitski’s version is a beautiful tribute to the late musician, with her delicate vocals and acoustic guitar creating a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

In a statement, Mitski shared her thoughts on the cover, saying, “I’ve always loved Pete Seeger’s music and his message of social and environmental justice. ‘Coyote, My Little Brother’ is a song that has always resonated with me, and I wanted to pay homage to Seeger’s legacy by recording my own version.”

Mitski’s Spotify Singles are a testament to her versatility as an artist, showcasing her ability to transform her own songs and pay tribute to other musicians. The tracks have already received praise from fans and critics alike, with many praising Mitski’s emotive vocals and raw talent.

This release comes after Mitski’s announcement that she will be taking a break from music to focus on other creative pursuits. Fans can only hope that these new tracks are a sign of more music to come from the talented artist in the future.

Listen to Mitski’s Spotify Singles now and experience the beauty and emotion of “Buffalo Replaced” and “Coyote, My Little Brother.” These tracks are a must-listen for any fan of Mitski or folk music in general.

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