Bat for Lashes Drops Haunting Single ‘The Dream of Delphi’ Ahead of New Album Release

"Bat for Lashes Drops Haunting Single 'The Dream of Delphi' Ahead of New Album Release"

British musician Bat for Lashes has given fans a taste of her upcoming sixth album with the release of the title track, “The Dream of Delphi.” The song, which was released on May 31, showcases the artist’s signature dreamy vocals and ethereal sound.

Bat for Lashes, whose real name is Natasha Khan, has been teasing the release of her new album for months, and “The Dream of Delphi” is the first official single from the highly anticipated project. The album, also titled The Dream of Delphi, is set to be released on July 31.

The single is a haunting and atmospheric track, with Khan’s vocals floating over a pulsating beat and dreamy synths. The lyrics explore themes of self-discovery and the search for inner peace, with Khan singing, “In the dream of Delphi, I found my way/Through the darkness, I saw the light of day.”

In a statement, Khan explained the inspiration behind the song and the album’s title. “The Dream of Delphi is about finding clarity and guidance within oneself, and the journey of self-discovery,” she said. “Delphi was a place in ancient Greece where people would go to seek advice from the oracle, and in a way, this album is my own personal oracle.”

The Dream of Delphi is Bat for Lashes’ first album since 2016’s The Bride. In the years since, Khan has been busy with other projects, including composing the soundtrack for the BBC series Requiem and collaborating with other artists such as Damon Albarn and Beck.

Fans can expect more dreamy and introspective tracks on the upcoming album, as Khan has described it as a “psychedelic journey through the subconscious.” The album will also feature collaborations with artists such as Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and producer David Wrench.

In addition to the release of “The Dream of Delphi,” Bat for Lashes has also announced a series of live shows in support of the album. The tour will kick off in September and will include stops in major cities across Europe and North America.

With the release of “The Dream of Delphi,” Bat for Lashes has once again proven her ability to create mesmerizing and thought-provoking music. Fans can look forward to the full album release on July 31 and the upcoming tour, where they can experience the dreamy soundscapes of Bat for Lashes live.

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