Melissa Etheridge Opens Up About Son’s Opioid Overdose in New Docuseries “I’m Not Broken”

Melissa Etheridge's documentary "I'm Not Broken" follows her journey of coping with the loss of her son to an opioid overdose and aims to bring awareness to the crisis and break the stigma surrounding addiction. Premiering on Oct 11 and 18 on Paramount Network.

Melissa Etheridge, the Grammy-winning musician, is opening up about the tragic loss of her son to an opioid overdose in a new docuseries titled “I’m Not Broken.” In an exclusive clip from the two-part documentary, Etheridge reflects on how her son’s death and letters from incarcerated women struggling with addiction have inspired her to speak out about the opioid crisis.

The documentary, which will air on the Paramount Network, follows Etheridge’s journey as she copes with the loss of her son, Beckett, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 21. In the clip, Etheridge shares how she received letters from women in prison who were also battling addiction, and how their stories resonated with her own experience.

Etheridge explains that these letters made her realize that she was not alone in her struggle and that there are many others who are also fighting against addiction. She also acknowledges the privilege she had in being able to afford treatment for her son, while many others do not have the same resources.

The musician hopes that by sharing her story and the stories of others, she can bring awareness to the opioid crisis and help break the stigma surrounding addiction. She also wants to encourage people to seek help and support for themselves or their loved ones who may be struggling with addiction.

The docuseries also features interviews with experts and advocates, as well as footage from Etheridge’s concerts and personal life. It aims to shed light on the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic and the need for better support and resources for those affected.

“I’m Not Broken” will air on the Paramount Network on October 11 and 18. Etheridge hopes that by sharing her story, she can help others who are going through similar struggles and honor her son’s memory.

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