Young Thug’s legal team accuses judge of misconduct in drug case

Young Thug's legal team accuses Judge Glanville of unethical conduct and potential criminal actions during a recent hearing, raising questions about the rapper's case.

Young Thug’s legal team has filed a damning court document accusing Judge Ural Glanville of acting unethically and potentially engaging in criminal conduct during a recent hearing. The rapper, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, is currently facing charges of drug possession and intent to distribute in Georgia.

According to the court filing, Judge Glanville allegedly held a secret meeting with a witness in the case, Brian Steel, without the knowledge or presence of Young Thug’s lawyers. The meeting, which was not recorded or transcribed, took place on July 7th, just days before the rapper’s trial was set to begin.

Young Thug’s lawyers claim that during the meeting, Judge Glanville acted as a prosecutor, questioning Steel about his testimony and attempting to discredit the defense’s case. They also allege that the judge made promises to Steel in exchange for his cooperation, which they argue is a violation of judicial ethics.

The court filing includes a transcript of a later hearing where Judge Glanville admits to meeting with Steel, but denies any wrongdoing. However, Young Thug’s lawyers argue that the judge’s actions show a clear bias against their client and have requested that he be disqualified from the case.

In response to the filing, Judge Glanville has denied any misconduct and has stated that he was simply trying to clarify Steel’s testimony. He also claims that the meeting was not secret and that Young Thug’s lawyers were aware of it.

This is not the first time that Young Thug’s legal team has raised concerns about Judge Glanville’s impartiality. In a previous motion, they argued that the judge had a personal vendetta against the rapper and had made biased comments during previous hearings.

The outcome of this latest court filing remains to be seen, but it has raised serious questions about the integrity of the legal process in Young Thug’s case. As the trial continues, it is clear that the rapper’s lawyers will continue to fight for a fair and just outcome.

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