Taylor Swift brings back “The Archer” for Eras Tour in Amsterdam

Taylor Swift delighted her fans in Amsterdam by bringing back her fan favorite song "The Archer" after over a year. This shows her dedication to her fans and her willingness to keep her concerts fresh and exciting.

Taylor Swift brought back a fan favorite during her recent Eras Tour show in Amsterdam. The singer revived her track “The Archer,” which had been absent from her setlist for over a year.

“The Archer” was originally released as part of Swift’s seventh studio album, Lover, in 2019. The song quickly became a fan favorite for its vulnerable lyrics and dreamy production. However, when Swift began her Eras Tour in 2020, the track was noticeably absent from the setlist.

Fans were disappointed to see “The Archer” missing from the show, but understood that Swift had to make sacrifices in order to incorporate songs from her surprise album, Folklore, and its sister album, Evermore. These albums, which Swift dubbed her “Tortured Poets Department” era, took center stage during the first year of the Eras Tour.

But during her recent show in Amsterdam, Swift surprised fans by bringing back “The Archer” to the setlist. The song was met with cheers and sing-alongs from the audience, who were thrilled to hear the track live for the first time in over a year.

Swift’s decision to revive “The Archer” shows her dedication to her fans and her willingness to adapt her setlist to keep things fresh and exciting. The singer has always been known for her surprise performances and special moments during her shows, and this was no exception.

Fans can expect more surprises and changes to the setlist as Swift continues her Eras Tour, which is set to run until November 2022. With each show, the singer proves that she is a true performer, always looking for ways to keep her fans on their toes and make each concert a unique experience.

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