Trey Anastasio Reflects on Phish’s Future and Sobriety Journey at 60

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio reflects on turning 60, discusses the band's new album Evolve, and shares his journey of sobriety and hopes for the future.

Trey Anastasio, the frontman of the iconic jam band Phish, recently turned 60 years old. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he reflected on this milestone and shared his thoughts on the band’s future, their new album Evolve, and his personal journey of sobriety.

Anastasio, who has been sober for over 14 years, opened up about the lessons he has learned from his struggles with addiction. He explained that getting sober was a difficult but necessary decision for him, and it has allowed him to fully embrace his creativity and connect with his bandmates on a deeper level.

Speaking about Phish’s new album Evolve, Anastasio described it as a “celebration of life.” He shared that the album was inspired by the band’s experiences on the road and their desire to constantly evolve and push their musical boundaries. He also revealed that the album was recorded during the pandemic, with each band member recording their parts separately and then coming together to create the final product.

When asked about the possibility of Phish’s final concert, Anastasio expressed his desire to play the song “The Curtain With” as the band’s last performance. He explained that the song holds a special place in his heart and he believes it would be the perfect way to end their journey together.

Anastasio also spoke about his admiration for the late Jerry Garcia, the frontman of the Grateful Dead. He shared that he feels a great empathy for Garcia, who also struggled with addiction, and he understands the pressure and expectations that come with being a frontman in a successful band.

As Phish approaches their 40th anniversary next year, Anastasio remains optimistic about the band’s future. He believes that their music will continue to evolve and that they will always find new ways to connect with their fans. He also expressed his gratitude for the band’s loyal fanbase, who have been with them throughout their journey.

In conclusion, Trey Anastasio’s 60th birthday marks a significant milestone in his life and career. He continues to inspire fans with his music and his journey of sobriety, and Phish’s new album Evolve is a testament to their enduring creativity and passion for music. As they continue to evolve and push boundaries, fans can look forward to many more years of Phish’s unique and captivating performances.

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