Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” celebrates Compton and takes aim at Drake in powerful new video.

Kendrick Lamar's latest music video for "Not Like Us" is a celebration of his hometown and a continuation of his recent string of successes. It showcases Compton and takes jabs at rival Drake, while also highlighting Lamar's dedication to uplifting his community.

Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video for “Not Like Us” is a celebration of his hometown and a continuation of his recent string of victories. The visual, released on Friday, features the rapper in various locations around Compton, California, paying homage to the city that shaped him as an artist.

The video opens with a shot of Lamar standing in front of a mural of himself, surrounded by fans and friends. He then takes viewers on a tour of Compton, showcasing its streets, landmarks, and people. The rapper is seen interacting with locals, playing basketball, and even riding a bike through the neighborhood.

As the video progresses, Lamar’s lyrics take pointed jabs at fellow rapper Drake, with whom he has had a long-standing rivalry. In one scene, he raps, “I ain’t never been like you, I ain’t never been like them/They ain’t never been like us, I ain’t never been like them.” The lyrics seem to reference Drake’s hit song “Started From the Bottom,” which Lamar has previously criticized for not accurately representing the struggles of growing up in a disadvantaged community.

Lamar’s video also features a cameo from fellow Compton native and rapper, YG. The two are seen driving around the city together, further emphasizing the pride and camaraderie within the community.

The release of “Not Like Us” comes on the heels of Lamar’s recent successes, including his Pulitzer Prize win for his album DAMN. and his collaboration with the Weeknd on the hit song “Pray for Me” for the Black Panther soundtrack. The rapper has also been making headlines for his philanthropic efforts, including his recent donation of $1 million to various organizations in his hometown.

Fans and critics alike have praised Lamar’s latest video for its powerful message and stunning visuals. Many have also noted the significance of the rapper’s continued dedication to representing and uplifting his community.

As the video comes to a close, Lamar stands in front of the Compton sign, surrounded by a group of children. The final shot shows him walking away, leaving a lasting message of hope and inspiration for the next generation. With “Not Like Us,” Kendrick Lamar once again proves his talent and impact as an artist, solidifying his place as one of the most influential voices in hip-hop today.

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