Justin Timberlake’s Mugshot Transformed into Art at Hamptons Gallery

Justin Timberlake's 2014 mugshot has been transformed into a colorful and abstract painting by artist Godfrey Lohman, now on display at the Vered Gallery in the Hamptons.

A mugshot of Justin Timberlake has been turned into a work of art and is now on display at a gallery in the Hamptons. The piece, titled “Tuesday Night Out Featuring Justin Timberlake,” was created by artist Godfrey Lohman.

The mugshot, taken in 2014 after Timberlake was arrested for public intoxication, has been transformed into a colorful and abstract painting. Lohman used a mix of acrylic and spray paint to create the piece, which is now on display at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton.

According to the gallery’s website, Lohman’s work is known for its “bold use of color and texture.” The artist often incorporates pop culture references into his pieces, making Timberlake’s mugshot a fitting subject for his latest creation.

The mugshot itself has become somewhat iconic, with many fans and media outlets using it as a symbol of Timberlake’s wilder days. The singer has since apologized for his behavior and has been open about his struggles with alcohol.

This is not the first time Timberlake’s mugshot has been turned into art. In 2018, a street artist in Australia created a mural of the mugshot, which quickly went viral on social media.

The Vered Gallery’s exhibit, which also features works by other contemporary artists, will be on display until September 6th. Fans of Timberlake and art enthusiasts alike can now view the unique and thought-provoking piece in person.

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