Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods to Open Luxury Sports Bar in St. Andrews.

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are teaming up to bring a touch of luxury to St. Andrews with their new sports bar, T-Squared Social. The former cinema will be transformed into a modern, upscale bar and community hub, set to open in the summer of 2022.

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are teaming up to bring a touch of luxury to the historic town of St. Andrews in Scotland. The duo has announced plans to transform an old cinema into a high-end sports bar, catering to both locals and tourists alike.

The project, named T-Squared Social, will see the renovation of the former New Picture House cinema, which has been closed since 2002. The building, which dates back to 1930, will be given a new lease on life as a state-of-the-art sports bar, complete with multiple screens, a restaurant, and a rooftop terrace.

Timberlake and Woods, both avid golfers, have a special connection to St. Andrews, known as the birthplace of golf. The town holds a special place in their hearts, and they are excited to bring their vision to life in this iconic location.

The sports bar will feature a modern and upscale design, with a focus on providing a comfortable and luxurious experience for patrons. The menu will offer a variety of high-quality food and drinks, with a special emphasis on local Scottish cuisine.

One of the unique features of T-Squared Social will be the preservation of two of the cinema’s original screens. These screens will be incorporated into the design, adding a touch of nostalgia to the modern space.

In addition to being a sports bar, T-Squared Social will also serve as a community hub, hosting events and activities for locals and visitors to enjoy. The rooftop terrace will offer stunning views of the town and will be the perfect spot for a post-golf drink or a night out with friends.

The project is expected to bring a boost to the local economy, creating jobs and attracting tourists to the area. Timberlake and Woods are committed to working closely with the community to ensure that the sports bar becomes a beloved and integral part of St. Andrews.

T-Squared Social is set to open its doors in the summer of 2022, just in time for the Open Championship, one of golf’s most prestigious events, which will be held in St. Andrews that year. With the star power of Timberlake and Woods behind it, this luxury sports bar is sure to become a must-visit destination for sports fans and foodies alike.

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