Flavor Flav Talks Water Polo and Hip Hop Evolution

Flavor Flav discusses his love for water polo and praises the Olympic women's team. He also shares his thoughts on Taylor Swift and the current state of hip hop.

Flavor Flav, the legendary rapper and official hype man for the Olympic women’s water polo team, recently shared his thoughts on the sport and his love for performing his classic hits.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Flavor Flav discussed his experience going back to high school and reconnecting with his love for water polo. He revealed that he played the sport in high school and was excited to see it gain more recognition in recent years.

Flavor Flav also expressed his admiration for the Olympic women’s water polo team, praising their athleticism and dedication to the sport. He even joked that he would love to join the team and be their hype man during games.

When asked about his thoughts on Taylor Swift, who recently released a re-recorded version of her album “Fearless,” Flavor Flav had nothing but positive things to say. He commended her for taking control of her music and owning her masters, saying, “That’s what it’s all about, owning your own stuff.”

Despite being known for his energetic performances and iconic hits with Public Enemy, Flavor Flav revealed that he still loves performing his “old ass songs.” He explained that the songs hold a special place in his heart and he enjoys seeing the crowd’s reaction to them.

Flavor Flav also shared his thoughts on the current state of hip hop, saying that he believes it has evolved and become more diverse. He expressed his support for new artists and their unique styles, saying, “I love the new generation of hip hop. They’re doing their thing and I’m proud of them.”

In conclusion, Flavor Flav’s love for water polo and his passion for performing his classic hits are still going strong. He continues to be a beloved figure in the music industry and his positive outlook on the future of hip hop is inspiring.

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