The Rise of Adam Wedd: A Unique Voice in the Ever-Evolving Music Scene

Adam Wedd, a rising star from Tolworth, United Kingdom, has been making waves in the music industry with his raw talent and captivating performances. With a unique sound and style, showcased in his latest EP "Dublin UP," he has gained recognition from over 500 radio stations globally and sold out headline shows in major cities like Los Angeles and London.
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Release Date: April 5, 2024
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Tolworth, United Kingdom

The music scene in Tolworth, United Kingdom has always been rampant with new talent and has always remained at the forefront to beat the blues of what is perceived to be the “good” music scene. That it really does take a unique and special talent to rise above all others in this sea of change and make a poignant mark. And that’s exactly what Adam Wedd has gone and done with his latest EP release, Dublin UP.

Hailing from Tolworth, Adam Wedd is a local talent who definitely has a musical gift. Just last year alone, he played an impressive 251 live shows across 20 countries and won recognition from over 500 radio stations around the globe, including such big guys as Sirius FM, Z100, and BBC. Having sold out headline shows in Los Angeles, New York, and London, there’s surely nothing stopping Adam Wedd.

What would definitely put Adam Wedd in his own lane is the absolutely remarkable resume that he carries with him, combined with the uniqueness of his sound and style. His music cannot be easily categorized as rock or alternative and, on the contrary, even at times can have some elements of both genres or even folk and blues. It’s a rich mixture that reveals his dual nature as a musician and his way with shattering genres. And that’s definitely the case with his latest EP, “Dublin UP.”
The EP, set to be released on April 5th, 2024, is a testament to Adam Wedd’s growth and evolution as an artist. With tracks like “City Lights” and “Broken Dreams,” he shows the audience a story of simple but vibrant experiences and feelings. But this EP shines not for something but for lyrics inside of them—in the very music itself. The instrumentals are expertly crafted, with each note and chord adding depth and dimension to the songs.

In an industry where so many artists rely on gimmicks and trends, Adam Wedd epitomizes sincerity and genuine music. He does not even hesitate to share his experience and feelings through his music, which is what a lot of listeners can just automatically relate to. That perhaps gives his music a lot of power and impact.

All along, the playing of “Dublin UP” then becomes very easy to remember and reminiscent of other genre-defying artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and David Bowie in a way they have equally challenged norms over their respective careers. And it’s obvious that Adam Wedd is taking after their trail, making his mark into the business of music.

So, with that debut album on the way, let’s take some time, sit back, and enjoy what “Dublin UP” has to offer. The album is such a beauty and really full of the great depths to showcase so well the talent that Adam Wedd beholds. And as he says, “come to a show on tour,” you won’t regret it.

This year, Adam Wedd has played an astonishing 251 live shows across 20 different countries, featuring on over 500 radio stations worldwide—from Sirius FM, Z100, BBC, Absolute Radio, to Radio Jackie. He had also been featured on various TV shows. He has established himself as one of the brightest new stars in music, with sold-out headline shows in Los Angeles, New York, and London under his belt. Now, he’s preparing to make his debut album, following two acclaimed mixtapes. The singer has also been an independent full-time artist who travels the world when not composing and writing songs, having also worked at the bar of the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

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