The Magic Es Debut “Junkyard Toybox”: A New Chapter in Indie Rock

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Release Date: May 3, 2024
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Norwich, United Kingdom

The Magic Es, an acclaimed indie rock trio, have released their latest album, “Junkyard Toybox,” on May 3, 2024. Known for their melodic rock sound infused with pop sensibilities, the band continues to impress with hooks that stick and choruses that resonate.

For “Junkyard Toybox,” The Magic Es teamed up with producer Andy Hodgson (EMI Records, Bring Me the Horizon) at Orange Tree Studios. This collaboration marks a significant shift from their earlier self-produced albums, bringing a refined touch to their established sound. Pete Thompson, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, noted, “After recording our first two albums ourselves, we really wanted to work with a producer who could bring our ideas to life and guide us as a band.”

The Magic Es, consisting of Pete Thompson, drummer Stuart Catchpole, and bassist Jasper Stainthorpe, have been likened to the sounds of The Rolling Stones and The Killers. Their unique blend of indie rock has captivated listeners, with “Junkyard Toybox” promising to be a continuation of their compelling musical journey.

With a history of critical acclaim and robust tour schedules, The Magic Es have shared stages with notable bands like The Parlotones and Pop Will Eat Itself, showcasing their prowess in live settings. Their dedication to their craft has earned them a dedicated following and spots on global radio stations and top music reviews, all without the backing of a record label.

The band dropped an album that not only continues their tradition of infectious melodies but also takes listeners on a memorable auditory journey. As Thompson puts it, “He’s taken our songs and helped shape them into an album that takes the listener on a real journey.”

Fans and new listeners can look forward to experiencing “Junkyard Toybox” soon, with the album set to drop in early May. In the meantime, they can keep up with The Magic Es by following them on Instagram @themagices and streaming their music on Spotify.

With “Junkyard Toybox,” The Magic Es continue to forge a path as one of the most distinctive and engaging indie rock bands in the UK. Their commitment to crafting songs that resonate on a deep level, combined with their dynamic live performances, ensures that this latest album will be another significant milestone in their impressive career.


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