The Dawn Phenomenon: Unveiling “Ember Day” from Their Upcoming Album ‘Riddled and Ruled’

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The Dawn Phenomenon are a very dynamic band, which recently announced the release of its new single “Ember Day” from their much-anticipated album, Riddled and Ruled. The track has blatantly revealed a fusion of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Prog-rock genre.

Co-founded by Dylan Donkin, Adam Donkin, and Mike Soss, who dabbled into the realms of 70s music doused in modern influences. Former frontman for the critically acclaimed band Echobrain with ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, Donkin was also the former frontman for 2Cents. After renaming themselves Echobrain, the group issued the debut album from the young bassist via their own label.

The four equal partners in songwriting duties started out as equal partners in songwriting duties.

Their musical development has flourished since, covering all styles from ’70s space rock of Pink Floyd to downtempo chill electronic vibes of AIR and Zero 7. Meaning, the sound is still a cocktail of vintage and contemporary, groove and zen, with a swirl influenced by anything from Herbie Hancock to Stereolab.

“Ember Day” goes beyond just a track; it offers more of a journey into the mysterious nature of the world and the enigma held as truth, backed by heavy grooves, analog synthesizers, and psychedelic guitar work. It was a hypnotic, melodic blend capturing the core of their wide-spanning musical palette. “Riddled and Ruled” is an album that draws from the roles we all find ourselves in, enshrouded by the mystery of life. Designed as a debut album to take you on a sonic trip reminiscent of the classic ’70s supergroups.

For real immersion and really feeling the depth of the music, the audience is encouraged to grab some headphones—probably they should sit in an easy setting, open up both ears and mind—and then dive in. Don’t miss The Dawn Phenomenon live, bringing its electrifying performances to stage, still capturing audiences with its new musical style and moving lyrical themes.

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