Suburban Bicycle Gang’s New Single “Change” Marks a Bold Evolution in Sound

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Suburban Bicycle Gang has, much to the joy of their very large and still-growing fan base, announced their new single release “Change” which becomes a serious step forward for them sonically and in every other aspect. This newest single follows their previous critically acclaimed single “The Council of Rats” but with “Change”, it is a fresh track that really brings out the duo’s evolving sound.

Work on the album signified a departure from Suburban Bicycle Gang’s earlier minimalist ‘60s garage rock sound. The new track arrives in a very polished folk-rock way, headed by Jerry Gray on electric guitar and leading through with vocals. That’s quite a brave move and proves, without any doubt, how they’re ready to experiment and widen musical horizons within the limits given by original influences.

Aptly titled, “Change” it’s a single that goes the whole mile with reiterations of new beginnings and sounds being experimented upon. It was marked with infectious melodies and lyrics on their journey as a band, staying fully committed to growing and innovating in their craft. The song is not a statement of their musical development but an assessment of what they have evolved into as artists.

Fans and newcomers alike are going to want to listen in and see just how Suburban Bicycle Gang has essentially redefined their sound, in many ways, without losing the very elements that gave it an edge in the first place. The song was bound to reverberate deep and solidify even further their place as one of the most interesting indie acts today. Until “Cheap Chamber Music” releases, fans can watch out for updates on the band’s website and social media pages. The band has lost none of its charm, still combining loads of humor with gushing creativity coupled with oodles of musicality.

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