Rapper V of 40M Unleashes “The Score” – An Anthem for the Black Independence Movement

Join V of 40M on February 29, 2024 for the release of his new single "The Score," a powerful anthem for the Black Independence movement. This revolutionary rapper's music not only showcases thought-provoking lyrics but also serves as a call to action for the Forty Million Strong movement.
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The Architect of Revolutionary Rap: V of 40M Leads the Charge Towards a Brighter Tomorrow with “The Score”

Pitt Co., United States

Release Date: March 23, 2024
Check out The Score here: Single Link

Join V of 40M in Leading the Charge towards a Brighter Tomorrow

Revolution is in the air, and V of 40M is leading the way with their latest drop, “The Score.” The revolutionary rapper, having soared the music fraternity like a stormy wind, was the tag of being the Architect of “Revolutionary Rap,” who had beat messages.

Surely hailing from Pitt Co., United States, V of 40M has been one not a stranger to causing some ripples. Ever since the dawn of his world debut just a little over 2 years ago, he has kept his aim at inspiring, informing, motivating, and mobilizing the world. And with “The Score,” he continues to do just that.

A Powerful Anthem for the Black Independence Movement

Produced by LABACK, “The Score” features collaborations from two of his 40M brethren, 40M Tye and Hippie G, and comes designed for an anthem that displays V’s thought-provoking lyrics but the deep diversity of his music. But “The Score” is so much more than a track. It’s a call to action for Black Independence people everywhere, and it’s a mighty statement from the forefront of the Forty Million Strong (40M) movement.

The movement had an aim: the establishment of sovereign land and autonomous rule for blacks, and this music by V is woven in this struggle.

From his debut release, “No Church On Sunday,” to his latest masterpiece, “The Score,” V has been steadfast in his quest for the crown and to expand the 40M movement. And now, when the world is as we see it, his message can’t ring more true. As V said in a recent interview, “The vibe can be for everybody, but the message is for my people.” And nowhere does it ring more true than through “The Score” lines like, “Quick to kill a nigga over hoe shit / But when krakkas come, we ain’t on shit.” This record is a testament to the struggle for black liberation—a constant point to emphasize unity within the community.

Be on the lookout for the video; that one too will be another mind-boggling visualization. In the meantime, stay connected with V of 40M through social media @vof40mRevolution for more on this release and updates of his movement, for one never knows where he might land next in the journey to revolutionize the world.

V of 40M Bio

Revolutionary artist V of 40M, also known as the Revolutionary Rap, is set to set the music scene ablaze yet again with his latest single “The Score.” The single comes released under the 40M collective group and features another powerful track with production by LABACK, and Lab101 Rekords Executively Produced. Leading the charge to invigorate the next chapter of the people’s movement for Black Independence known as Forty Million Strong (40M), in the last two years, V of 40M has been at the forefront of reimagining the way in which the world actualizes liberation, justice, and equity for all peoples. Fuses seamlessly with V’s music—the guiding force these visions seek—sovereign lands, autonomous rule for Blacks. Thus, creating a powerful and individualistic experience for the listener. From his debut album, “No Church on Sunday,” to his recent release, “The Score,” the work of V, a missionary on a relentless mission, has been to uplift, edify, encourage, and mobilize the masses.

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