Rappers should stop using women as pawns in their beefs.

The recent feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has taken a disturbing turn as women are being used as pawns and past accusations against both artists are resurfacing. It's time for rappers to focus on the music and stop perpetuating harmful narratives.

The rap world has always been known for its feuds and beefs, with artists using their lyrics to take shots at each other. One of the most recent and highly publicized feuds was between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. However, what started off as a playful and entertaining exchange of hair and height jokes has now taken a darker turn, with women being dragged into the mix.

It all began when Drake released his song “Certified Lover Boy” in September, which included a line that many believed was a direct jab at Kendrick. The line, “Yeah, I probably should go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus / But soon as I started confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us,” was seen as a reference to Kendrick’s religious beliefs. This sparked a response from Kendrick on his song “Family Ties,” where he rapped, “I’ll put a rapper on life support and tell you how fast a heartbeat.”

But things took a turn for the worse when Drake’s longtime collaborator and friend, 40, accused Kendrick of using ghostwriters in a now-deleted Instagram post. This accusation was not only directed at Kendrick but also at J. Cole and Kanye West. The post also included a screenshot of a text conversation between 40 and Kendrick, where Kendrick appeared to be asking for Drake’s help in writing his verse for “Family Ties.”

This move by 40 was met with backlash from fans and other artists, who saw it as a low blow and a desperate attempt to discredit Kendrick. It also brought up the issue of ghostwriting in the rap industry, which has been a controversial topic for years. While some artists have openly admitted to using ghostwriters, others have vehemently denied it, and it has become a sensitive subject in the rap community.

But what was even more concerning was the fact that women were being used as pawns in this rap beef. The text conversation between 40 and Kendrick was leaked without the consent of the women involved, who were simply trying to do their jobs as songwriters. This not only violated their privacy but also perpetuated the harmful stereotype that women in the music industry are only good for writing hooks and not actual lyrics.

Moreover, this feud has also brought up past accusations against both Drake and Kendrick regarding their treatment of women. Drake has been accused of being a “womanizer” and using his relationships with women for his own gain, while Kendrick has faced criticism for his lyrics that some see as misogynistic. These accusations have resurfaced and have been used as ammunition in the ongoing feud, further perpetuating the toxic narrative of pitting women against each other.

It’s time for rappers to stop using women as pawns in their beefs and focus on the music. The initial back and forth between Drake and Kendrick was entertaining and lighthearted, but it has now taken a darker turn that is not only damaging to their own reputations but also to the women involved. Let’s hope that they can put their differences aside and move on from this unnecessary drama. After all, the rap game is big enough for both of them to thrive without resorting to dragging women into their feuds.

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