Priscilla Presley Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Business Partnership Betrayal

"Priscilla Presley Faces Legal Battle Over Alleged Business Partnership Betrayal"

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of Elvis Presley, is facing a legal battle over allegations that she formed a company with a Florida auctioneer and then abruptly cut ties when her financial situation improved.

According to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, Presley is being sued by her former business partner, Kathy Hahn, who claims that the two women formed a partnership in 2017 to build revenue streams for Presley’s estate. Hahn alleges that she invested significant time and resources into the venture, but was ultimately left in the dark when Presley allegedly stopped communicating with her and then sent a cease-and-desist letter.

Hahn’s lawsuit, filed in the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, Florida, accuses Presley of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and fraudulent misrepresentation. Hahn claims that she was promised a 25 percent stake in the company, but was never given any ownership or control over the business.

Presley’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has denied the allegations and filed a motion to dismiss the case. In a statement to Rolling Stone, Singer said, “Ms. Presley has never had any business relationship with Ms. Hahn and has never promised her any ownership interest in any company. Ms. Hahn’s claims are frivolous and without merit.”

The legal battle has shed light on Presley’s financial situation, with Hahn claiming that the partnership was formed during a time when Presley was facing financial struggles. Hahn alleges that Presley was on the brink of insolvency and needed to build new revenue streams to support herself and her family.

However, Presley’s lawyer has denied these claims, stating that Presley’s financial situation has improved in recent years and that she is no longer in need of additional income. Singer also stated that Presley has been transparent with Hahn about the state of her finances and has provided her with regular updates.

The lawsuit also alleges that Presley used Hahn’s connections and expertise in the auction industry to build the company, but then cut her out of the business once it became successful. Hahn claims that she was responsible for securing high-profile auctions, including one for Elvis Presley’s personal jet, which sold for over $430,000.

Presley’s lawyer has stated that Hahn was never promised any ownership or control over the company and that she was simply hired as a consultant. Singer also claims that Hahn was paid for her services and that she is now trying to take advantage of Presley’s success.

The legal battle between Presley and Hahn is ongoing, with a court date set for later this year. It remains to be seen how the case will be resolved, but it has certainly brought attention to Presley’s business dealings and financial situation.

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