Obele Peedy Releases “Save The Earth”: A Reggae Anthem for Environmental Awareness

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Nigerian artist Obele Peedy, hailing from Eleme near Port Harcourt in Rivers State, has released a powerful new track, “Save The Earth.” Drawing on his love for reggae music and the lyrical consciousness that defined his formative years in the 1980s, Peedy delivers a poignant message in his latest single, which blends pop and reggae genres to inspire a call to action for environmental sustainability.”Save The Earth” is more than a song; it’s a heartfelt appeal to the global community about the urgency of ecological preservation. Through his lyrics, Obele Peedy paints a vivid picture of a planet in peril:

The earth is crying,
the earth is dying,
the earth is warning,
the earth is calling…

Technology vs. Ecology
As the world experiences unprecedented technological advancements, Peedy reminds us of the potential consequences of neglecting our environmental responsibilities. His lyrics caution against the all-consuming nature of technological progress and its impact on our natural surroundings:

As the world enjoys a technology boom,
The earth needs attention to avoid doom.
As we’re enjoying technology,
Let’s not forget our ecology.

A Vision of Loss
Peedy’s song forewarns a future where negligence towards environmental health could lead to irreversible losses:

Once upon a time,
there was a town over there,
There were people over there,
There was a sea over there,
There were forests over there.

These lines serve as a stark reminder of what might become a somber reality if action is not taken.

An Artist’s Call to Action
With “Save The Earth,” Obele Peedy leverages the power of music to ignite awareness and drive change, urging listeners to consider the legacy they wish to leave for future generations. His music invites us to reflect on our lifestyle choices and their long-term impacts on the planet.

Obele Peedy continues to use his voice and platform to spotlight critical issues affecting not only his community but the world at large. “Save The Earth” resonates as a timely anthem, emphasizing that while we benefit from today’s technology, we must also protect our world’s natural beauty and resources for tomorrow.

As this track circulates among fans of reggae and beyond, Obele Peedy stands out as a musician with a mission, using his art to foster a better, more sustainable world.

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