Magnus & John Drop Electrifying EP “Snowbirds”

Magnus & John - Snowbirds | Songlens Music Magazine

Release Date: April 18, 2024
Check out Snowbirds here: EP Link

The dynamic electro/house duo Magnus & John have released their latest EP, “Snowbirds,” on April 18, 2024. Known for their energizing beats and a deep love for analogue synthesizers, Stephan Scharping and Alexandre Lisiecki continue to captivate fans in Luxembourg and beyond.

Magnus & John have carved out a niche in the electronic music scene with their straightforward philosophy: creating music that’s fun and makes people dance. Since their formation in 2015, their approach has been about enjoying the process and delivering beats that keep the energy high and the body moving.

The “Snowbirds” EP features four tracks that showcase Magnus & John’s signature sound—pulsating rhythms and lush, analogue synths that fill the dance floor with an irresistible vibe. Following the release of their single “Sublime” in February, this EP builds on their momentum with more layered textures and infectious grooves.

This latest project is a testament to their hands-on approach, being auto-produced by the duo. The final mixing and mastering were handled by Ohad NISSIM, ensuring that every beat and synth wave hits perfectly. Their work is a blend of art and technical precision, aimed at delivering the highest quality sound to their listeners.

Fans looking to experience the vibrant beats of “Snowbirds” can find the EP on Spotify, where each track offers a unique escape into the world crafted by the duo. Follow them on Spotify to keep up with their latest releases and explore their growing discography.

With “Snowbirds,” Magnus & John not only promise to keep their audience dancing but also to continue pushing the boundaries of the house music genre. Their passion for sound, joy in creation, and commitment to their fans shine through in this latest release, marking another milestone in their journey as artists who bring simple joy and sophisticated beats to the global music scene.

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