Mad Nad Bo: Soulful Sounds from Switzerland’s Rising Star

Meet frontwoman Nadine Jordan, the Scottish-Swiss powerhouse behind Mad Nad Bo, a band that infuses blues, soul, and jazz with modern pop sounds. Their latest releases "To Matt" and "Lord I Tried" showcase Nad's unique voice and the band's diverse musical influences.
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Soulful Sounds and Deeper Messages: The Evolution of Mad Nad Bo and Their Impact on Swiss Music

Release Date: April 2, 2024
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Pfäffikon, Switzerland

From the same school of thought, Nadine Jordan—the brain behind the Swiss-based outfit, Mad Nad Bo—keeps the light burning to many audiences with her soulful, bluesy voice and very personal style.

On March 15, 2024, Mad Nad Bo released “Could I, Would I,” their latest single. A unique, soulful perspective from Nad, presenting a study in the vulnerability of new relationships. Born on the southern banks of Lake Zurich, Nad was so much under the influence of the living legacies of blues, soul, and jazz that he combines this power with up-to-date pop music, appearing timeless and fresh in his sound.

Nad Bo has developed a niche in the music world that would resonate well with old-school enthusiasts and modern listeners alike, with a revolving ensemble featuring Annie Mumford, Dominique Borriello on drums, and husband Sandro Jordan on guitar. “Could I, Would I” delves into the universal feelings of uncertainty and hope that accompany the beginnings of love. British Plunger Magazine described the song as “spell-binding,” highlighting Nad’s powerhouse vocal delivery and earning him the recognition as “the bluesiest voice on this side of Manhattan” by his pears.

This new release is, in fact, a masterpiece woven with waltz-like promises for the listener of a captivated lyrical depth and melodic grace.

Mad Nad Bo started their musical journey in the year 2017 with the EP “Things Left Unsaid.” After some time, the band flourished with singles “To Matt” and “Lord I Tried.” And now, the trio returns even more empowered than ever with their new single “Could I, Would I.” Mad Nad Bo is back with “Could I, Would I,” reminding the vision to charm a worldwide audience with their own soul-stirring tunes that actually woo the influences right from Amy Winehouse to Muddy Waters.

Mad Nad Bo doesn’t produce music; they brew a tale that speaks to people’s souls. Nad brings an added personal touch to the song in that she wrote it in the earlier stages of making up with her current husband, so really, there is nothing like an authentic emotion shining in every note. Listeners can experience “Could I, Would I” from Mad Nad Bo on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

And that, apparently, would be a lot to look forward to, for one taken by the sound of Nad’s voice and the compounding fusion of genres that this band brings to the table. Keep following Mad Nad Bo on Instagram and their official website for news of new tracks and shows. Mad Nad Bo — this is soul and blues with stunning lyrics and perfect musicality, which creates a guiding star not only for Swiss music.

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