Kendrick Lamar Takes Shots at Drake in “Not Like Us” Video

Kendrick Lamar takes multiple jabs at Drake in his latest music video for "Not Like Us," referencing the rapper's perceived image and success.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have had a long-standing rivalry in the rap world, with both artists taking shots at each other in their music. In Kendrick’s latest video for “Not Like Us,” he doesn’t hold back in his subtle jabs at Drake. From clowns to pushups, here are the best shots Kendrick takes at Drake in the video.

The video opens with a shot of a clown, a clear reference to Drake’s album cover for “Scorpion” where he is depicted as a clown. This could be seen as Kendrick mocking Drake’s perceived image of being a “soft” rapper.

As the video progresses, we see Kendrick doing pushups in front of a group of people, including a child. This could be interpreted as Kendrick showing off his physical strength and dominance, possibly in response to Drake’s line in “Duppy Freestyle” where he raps, “I’m in shock, the nerve, the audacity.”

One of the most striking visuals in the video is the owl piñata, a clear nod to Drake’s record label, OVO Sound, which uses an owl as its logo. This could be seen as Kendrick taking a jab at Drake’s success and wealth, as the piñata is often associated with children’s parties and games.

But perhaps the most surprising moment in the video is when Kendrick is seen playing with a happy family, including a young girl who is wearing a “King Kunta” t-shirt. This could be seen as Kendrick asserting his role as the king of rap, while also possibly referencing Drake’s own family life and his son, Adonis.

Overall, the video for “Not Like Us” is filled with subtle shots at Drake, showcasing Kendrick’s clever and creative way of addressing their rivalry. While the two artists may never openly acknowledge their feud, it’s clear that the competition between them continues to fuel their music and artistic expression.

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