John Stamos’ Son Makes Musical Debut with Beach Boys: Proud Dad Moment!

John Stamos' six-year-old son, Billy, made his musical debut on stage with the Beach Boys, playing the tambourine like a pro. The proud father shared a video of the performance, and fans were delighted by the young musician's talent.

John Stamos’ six-year-old son, Billy Stamos, recently made his musical debut at a Beach Boys show in Indianapolis. The proud father shared a video on social media of his son expertly playing the tambourine during the band’s performance of “Good Vibrations.”

In the video, Billy can be seen confidently shaking the tambourine and keeping the beat alongside the band’s drummer. The audience can be heard cheering and clapping as the young musician steals the show.

Stamos, who has been a longtime fan and friend of the Beach Boys, was thrilled to have his son join him on stage. He captioned the video, “Proud dad moment! Billy’s first time playing tambourine with the @thebeachboys.”

The actor and musician has been sharing his love for music with his son since he was born. In an interview with People, Stamos shared, “I play music for him all the time. He loves the Beach Boys, he loves Elvis, he loves the Beatles.”

Stamos also revealed that Billy has a natural talent for music and enjoys playing the drums and piano. He hopes to continue nurturing his son’s love for music and possibly even perform together in the future.

The Beach Boys also shared the video on their social media, writing, “Billy Stamos, you rocked the tambourine like a pro! Thanks for joining us on stage!”

Fans were delighted to see Billy’s musical skills and praised him for his performance. Many also commented on how much he resembles his father, both in looks and talent.

It’s heartwarming to see a father and son bond over their shared love for music, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Billy’s musical journey. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll join the Beach Boys as a full-fledged member!

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