Jay Wheeler serenades fans with new music and romantic playlist for Valentine’s Day

"Jay Wheeler serenades fans with new music and romantic playlist for Valentine's Day"

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Latin music’s leading lover Jay Wheeler is gearing up to serenade his fans with a romantic concert and a specially curated playlist for his wife, Zhamira Zambrano.

The Puerto Rican singer, known for his soulful and sensual ballads, is set to perform at the historic Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot on February 13 and 14. The two-day spectacular, titled “Jay Wheeler: La Historia,” will feature a mix of his biggest hits and new music, creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening with loved ones.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Wheeler shared his excitement for the upcoming concert and his plans for Valentine’s Day. “I am beyond thrilled to be able to perform at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, a venue that holds so much history and significance in our culture,” he said. “And to be able to do it on Valentine’s Day weekend, surrounded by my fans and loved ones, is a dream come true.”

Wheeler also revealed that he has been working on a new song, appropriately titled “Historia,” which will be released on February 12. The track, produced by hitmaker Tainy, is a heartfelt ode to the ups and downs of a relationship and the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

But it’s not just his music that sets the mood for Valentine’s Day. Wheeler also shared a special playlist he curated for his wife, featuring some of his favorite romantic songs. “Music has always been a big part of our relationship, and I wanted to create a playlist that captures the essence of our love,” he explained.

The playlist, titled “Jay Wheeler’s Valentine’s Day,” features a mix of classic and contemporary love songs in both English and Spanish, including tracks from artists like Frank Sinatra, Ed Sheeran, and Romeo Santos. “I hope this playlist can bring joy and love to not only my wife, but to all the couples out there celebrating Valentine’s Day,” Wheeler said.

As for his plans for the actual day, Wheeler revealed that he and his wife will be spending a quiet evening at home, enjoying a home-cooked meal and quality time together. “Sometimes the simplest things can be the most romantic,” he said.

With his smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Jay Wheeler is sure to set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day. And with his new song “Historia” and his curated playlist, he is spreading love and joy to fans around the world.

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