Frank Turner Sets Record for Most Shows Played in 24 Hours with 15 Gigs

British musician Frank Turner has made history by playing 15 shows in 15 cities in 24 hours, breaking the record for most shows in a day. He used the event to raise awareness for independent music venues and celebrate the power of music.

British musician Frank Turner has made history by breaking the record for the most shows played in multiple cities in 24 hours. The singer-songwriter performed an impressive 15 shows in just one day, surpassing the previous record of 10 shows set by country artist Hunter Hayes.

Turner’s record-breaking feat took place over the weekend, with the musician traveling across the United Kingdom to play in various cities. The challenge was part of a promotional event for his new album, “FTHC,” which stands for “Frank Turner’s Hardcore Troubadour Chronicles.”

The 39-year-old musician started his journey in Newcastle, England, at 7:30 am on Saturday and ended in London at 10:30 pm the same day. Along the way, he made stops in cities such as Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Birmingham, among others.

Turner’s team documented the entire experience on social media, sharing updates and photos of each show. Fans also joined in on the fun, using the hashtag #FTHC24 to show their support and share their experiences of attending multiple shows.

The record-breaking attempt was not without its challenges, as Turner faced issues such as traffic delays and technical difficulties. However, he persevered and successfully completed all 15 shows, with each performance lasting around 20 minutes.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Turner expressed his excitement and gratitude for breaking the record. He also shared his motivation for attempting such a feat, saying, “I wanted to do something that was a bit of a challenge, but also something that was fun and that people could get involved in.”

Turner’s record-breaking accomplishment has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records, with a certificate presented to him at his final show in London. The musician also used the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the Music Venue Trust, a charity that supports independent music venues in the UK.

Fans and fellow musicians have congratulated Turner on his incredible achievement, with many praising his dedication and passion for music. The record-breaking event not only showcases Turner’s talent and endurance but also highlights the power of music to bring people together.

As for what’s next for the hardcore troubadour, Turner plans to take a well-deserved break before embarking on a world tour in support of his new album. But one thing is for sure, he has solidified his place in music history with this impressive record-breaking feat.

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