Enchanting Under the Sea: Fritz Kahn’s Musical Journey Resonates with Meaning and Evolution

Fritz Kahn and The Miracles, a musical project by Portuguese artist Gonçalo Serras, is set to release a new single titled "Enchantment under the Sea" on January 1st, 2024, showcasing Serras' unique style and evolution as an artist.
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Unlocking the Enchanting Depths of Fritz Kahn’s Musical Odyssey: A Journey of Evolution, Irony, and Personal Growth

Entroncamento, Portugal

Release Date: March 29, 2024
Check out Enchantment under the Sea here: Single Link

Fritz Kahn and The Miracles is a musical project coming out with the single “Enchantment under the Sea”. The single will air on January 1, 2024, and it is yet another classic one that epitomizes the very unique style and musical road that Serras take.

Serras, who prefers to go by the name Fritz Kahn, has been a musician from way back in his childhood. He can distinctly feel that magical feeling from the very moment he played his first piano key—a B flat. This is the enchantment he has been running after for his musical compositions. Despite these, he persisted in his studies and left the regional conservatory of Tomar because he didn’t like one of the teachers, learning to play all the instruments on his own.

The year 2006 was also the year when Serras got the honorable mention at the International Songwriting Competition, the first Portuguese to do so. He has also performed at the main venues in Portugal, like Super Bock Super Rock or Casa da Música in Porto. Indeed, as time has passed, Kahn’s project “Fritz Kahn and the Miracles” has shifted from a very folk-leaning sound to something that nowadays is closer in nature to a style seldomly jazzy, often even melancholic, reflecting his time with jazz in the Hot Club de Portugal.

The name “Fritz Kahn” comes from a German Jewish doctor who wrote books where the human body is to be compared with mechanisms. This contrasts the vision of Serra when he uses these details in his music with a little bit of irony. And his previous album was sold out to all of the 1,000 copies as well, under the title “Fritz Kahn and The Miracles”.

Now, after 20 years, a new album by Serras called “Jonah the Whale” is coming out, intended as a denial of all mistakes made before. When asked about his music, he described that the music of Sjsonics would turn into something special, meaning it had meaning and personal contact. Helped by orchestrator and producer Tiago Machado, he took two years in the composition, in which the selected themes were selected very carefully.

Enchantment under the Sea: A Reflection of Serras’ Personal Journey

“Enchantment Under the Sea” is a single inspired by Serras’s private voyages back into his musical origins. It was the realization of his life, seeking recognition for his work and songs. As a matter of fact, Serras lives in Entroncamento, Portugal, where he is based home and very peaceful.

Fritz Kahn and The Miracles: A Rich History and Meaningful Message

It’s not only old but also rich in history and meaningfulness with the message contained in the music of Fritz Kahn and The Miracles. It is in fact a testament to the growth and maturing of artists from Serras. Sjsonit Serras continues, with his new single, to try his own borders and to expand into a new sound that has to make his music a soundtrack of his life.

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