Eddie Witz and The Most High Set to Release “Jamaica Time”

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Release Date: April 30, 2024
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London, United Kingdom

California’s Eddie Witz and his band The Most High have dropped their latest single, “Jamaica Time,” from the forthcoming debut album, “I Am What I Am.” Out on April 5th, it marked another sonic adventure in Witz’s love of sunny pop with strains of world music, folk, Americana, pop, and reggae.

“Jamaica Time” honors his outstanding signature style that has forever smoothly brought together a bunch of genres. Suffice to say, the single is set to take the summertime accolades with its easy uplifting melodies and perfect arrangements to take you to a paradise isle.

The song “Jamaica Time” was recorded with a number of great musicians who played with such greats as Sly Dunbar from Sly and Robbie on drums, a great keyboardist Robbie Lyn, and on guitars; Jack Johnson’s drummer/percussionist Adam Topol, additional drums by Randy Cooke, electric, and acoustic guitar by Steve Fekete. This renowned collaboration of the most acclaimed artists enhanced the vibrant and energetic sound of the track.

“Jamaica Time” is somehow personal to him, very reflective of his creativity, and at the same time, quite personal in meaning. Through the song, he has had an influence from his experience within Jamaica, starting with his journey to Bob Marley’s place of resting and hangouts in local music venues. These were elements vividly captured in the lyrics and melodies of the song, giving a voice that resonated with authenticity and passion.

Witz recommends using “Jamaica Time” to promote the Jamaican tourist offer in the light of presenting cultural heritage and scenic beauty of the country. The video was shot in Ocho Rios, the resort town, and worked much in the way of the song, having its message and appeal developed further.

Prefiguring what is being regarded as their highly anticipated album “I Am What I Am,” “Jamaica Time” sets the bar for whatever comes after. An album inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and Jimmy Buffett, it sets to cover themes of resilience, forgiveness, and healing in music. “The path of personal exploration and growing up seems to be very much integral to Witz’s lyrics. They provide the listener with something of a soundtrack to their own maturing and self-reflection”.

Continuing to redefine the parameters of the alt-rock genre, both Eddie Witz and The Most High conjoin traditional and contemporary influences to amass something truly uninhibited. With “Jamaica Time,” one is drawn to the pleasure and ingenuity of their musical world, allowing one towards a debut album forthcoming that is sure to tantalize and enthrall.

To find out more about Eddie Witz and his music, stay in touch with him through Instagram and listen to his tracks on Spotify.


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