Drake and Sexyy Red team up as parents in their latest video, ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ ft. SZA

"Drake and Sexyy Red team up as parents in their latest video, 'Rich Baby Daddy' ft. SZA"

Drake and Sexyy Red have teamed up once again, this time as parents in their latest music video for “Rich Baby Daddy” featuring SZA. The VHS-style video, directed by Director X, takes viewers on a journey through a multiverse where Drake and Red are living in suburbia and expecting a baby.

The video opens with a shot of a picturesque suburban neighborhood, where Drake is seen mowing the lawn while Red is heavily pregnant and relaxing on a lawn chair. As the song begins, we see the couple enjoying a day at the park, with Red showing off her baby bump and Drake doting on her.

But things take a turn when the couple enters a mysterious portal and finds themselves in a parallel universe. In this world, Drake is a successful businessman and Red is a stay-at-home mom, but their roles are reversed. Drake is now the one carrying their child, while Red is the one providing for the family.

As the video progresses, we see the couple exploring different versions of themselves in various universes. In one, they are a power couple ruling over a futuristic city, while in another they are struggling artists living in a rundown apartment. Each universe presents a different dynamic between the couple, but one thing remains constant: their love for each other and their growing family.

The video also features a cameo from SZA, who appears as a mystical figure guiding the couple through their journey. She adds her signature soulful vocals to the track, making it a perfect collaboration between the three artists.

“Rich Baby Daddy” is a catchy and playful track that celebrates the joys and challenges of parenthood. Drake and Red’s chemistry on screen is undeniable, and their portrayal of different versions of themselves adds a fun and creative twist to the video.

The video ends with the couple returning to their original universe, where they are seen cuddled up on the couch with their newborn baby. It’s a heartwarming conclusion that reminds us that no matter what universe they may find themselves in, Drake and Red will always be a loving and devoted couple.

Overall, “Rich Baby Daddy” is a refreshing and entertaining take on parenthood, showcasing Drake and Red’s versatility as artists and their ability to bring a unique concept to life. With SZA’s soulful vocals and Director X’s creative direction, this music video is a must-watch for fans of all three artists.

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