Discover the Raw Beauty of Sage Hatfield’s Latest Single ‘Velvet in Auburn’

Sage Hatfield, the folk-pop multi-instrumentalist from Vermont now based in the Pacific Northwest, releases his latest single "Velvet in Auburn" featuring Gia Calabrese on April 12, along with a visually captivating music video. The single is a preview of his highly anticipated album, Postcards From New England, which will be released on April 16.
Sage Hatfield - Velvet in Auburn | Songlens Music Magazine

Release Date: April 15, 2024
Check out Velvet in Auburn here: Video Link

Northwest Pacific, USA

Folk-pop multi-instrumentalist artist Sage Hatfield, hailing from the sound countryside of Vermont, has released his newest single “Velvet in Auburn” featuring the voice of Gia Calabrese. Sage also released a visually stimulating music video in advance of his full album, “Postcards From New England”.

A poet can express everything aching within his heart in human life. “Velvet in Auburn” was written during the contemplative season of autumn, capturing first love in all its insecurities and aspirations. Hatfield’s unique blend of emotional depth, wry humor, and musical artistry shines particularly bright on this track. The addition of Gia Calabrese just adds a new complexity to it, as her voice weaves in and out of the story being told of longing and love to create a wonderful overall texture to the piece.

Summarized by Hatfield as a “sonic scrapbook,” his new album, Postcards From New England, is comprised of what could only be called musical vignettes, summing up personal moments or memories of his life. It’s a strategy that resonates deeply with fans because it has the ability to delve into human emotion’s many complexities, making each song a window into the artist’s soul.

The unveiling of “Velvet in Auburn” doesn’t simply exhibit a taste of Hatfield’s musical direction for the new album; it really extends an invitation for the listener to enter his world, an introspective and exploring one, full of raw beauty in human connection. The music video premiered on the same day as the single and visually encapsulates the themes of the track. Fans of Sage Hatfield are already streaming the full release of “Postcards From New England”, dropped on April 16th, signaling more promise to an already quickly-rising star in the folk-pop scene of the Pacific Northwest. If you are willing to throw yourself into Sage Hatfield’s very special-sounding reflective soundscapes, check out his latest music video “Velvet in Auburn” now on all your favorite digital sites and continue to keep up to date with him.

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