Del’Noire’s Debut EP: “The Haunting Of Del’Noire“

"Del'Noire: A Musical brings a haunting blend of music and
Del'Noire - the Haunting Of del'Noire | Songlens Music Magazine

Kotka, Finland

Release Date: April 08, 2024
Check out the Haunting Of del’Noire here: EP Link

Matyascorvinus, the mysterious solo artist presenting the new project Del’Noire, released the debut EP entitled “The Haunting Of Del’Noire” on April 8th. The new collection is introducing an entirely different approach to hauntings and macabre themes and melodies with a mix of pianos, violins, and modern electronic beats.

The Creation of Art as an Accident Discovered Del’Noire’s journey began with a fortuitous stumble upon the music creation app BandLab, rekindling the long-dormant flame in Matyascorvinus’s heart for music production.

Motivated by the love of string arrangements in Finnish schalger and disco beats of the 70s and 80s, he has fashioned songs that are a confluence of these genres with the pulsating beats of EDM and Trance.

The EP concludes an intense six months of self-taught mixing and mastering, largely done through trial and error. Music production from Matyascorvinus, without any formal training but following his instincts, made him innovative and, at the same time, creating sound that is nostalgically familiar.

Three tracks long, the EP tells a wordless story that explores themes of the macabre, horror, and gothic. Described as “songs without words” the beauty of the melodics seems to interlock itself with the beastly themes into a complex audial landscape.

The unique sound infused on the EP has set fans in excitement and can only be the beginning of a very bright future for Del’Noire in the realms of electronic and experimental music. The EP is not a mere compilation of tracks but, rather, a daredevil experiment in self-expression and sonic storytelling, where every note and beat has a meaning in drawing out the uncanny yet inviting realms of gothics and the unknown.

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