Davy Lyons Releases “One to One”: A Cinematic Single from “The Human Factor”

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Barcelona, Spain

Irish singer-songwriter Davy Lyons, now based in Barcelona, unveils his latest single, “One to One,” complemented by a strikingly artistic videoclip directed by María Lorente Becerra. This new release, drawn from his sophomore album “The Human Factor,” showcases Lyons’ flair for weaving evocative narratives with rich musicality.

From Law to Lyricism

Davy Lyons’ artistic path is marked by a profound transformation. Initially setting his sights on a career in professional football, he later shifted gears to pursue a Master’s degree in law at University College Dublin. Despite this academic achievement, Lyons felt a deeper calling to the arts, prompting him to leave behind his legal aspirations to explore music and poetry. This quest led him through Europe’s cultural heartlands, including a significant stint making wine in a Tuscan castle and absorbing literary life at the iconic Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris.

Establishing Roots in Barcelona

Lyons settled in Barcelona in 2016, where his live performances quickly gained renown for their depth and intensity. His concerts are celebrated for their unique blend of personal connection and musical exploration, where silence plays as crucial a role as sound. Lyons crafts his songs like “sound poems,” using his experiences and insights to paint vivid auditory landscapes that engage audiences on multiple levels.

Artistic Recognition

Lyons’ work resonates with both critics and fans, earning accolades for its originality and emotional depth. Described as “one of Ireland’s most interesting and original songwriters” by the Irish Independent and praised for his “lyrically ingenious” compositions by award-winning playwright Billy Roche, Lyons continues to push the boundaries of folk, jazz, and gypsy music.

“One to One” – A New Chapter

The single “One to One” and its accompanying video, filmed in Barcelona and Delta del Ebro, feature Lyons and actress Marta Rodrigo, weaving a narrative that captures the essence of Lyons’ artistic vision. The song is a testament to Lyons’ growth as an artist, exploring themes of love, introspection, and the complexities of human relationships.

As “One to One” goes live, Davy Lyons invites listeners to delve into his refined soundscapes and heartfelt storytelling. The single promises to be a significant addition to Lyons’ discography, further establishing him as a prominent figure in the international music scene.

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