Charli XCX confirms writing music for Britney Spears, but it will not be released.

Charli XCX confirms she wrote music for Britney Spears, but it was never recorded. Spears' lawyer says she won't record or perform until father is removed from conservatorship. New music coming from Charli XCX and Spears continues legal battle for freedom.

Charli XCX has confirmed that she did write new music for Britney Spears, but unfortunately, it was never recorded. The pop star addressed the rumors earlier this year, shutting down speculation that “random people” were preparing an album for her.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charli XCX revealed that she had indeed written songs for Spears, calling it a “dream come true.” However, she clarified that the tracks were never recorded and will not be released.

The rumors about Spears recording new music sparked after her conservatorship battle gained attention. Fans and media outlets speculated that she was working on a new album, with some even claiming that Charli XCX was involved in the project.

But the “Boom Clap” singer put an end to the speculation, stating that she has not been in contact with Spears or her team. She also expressed her support for the #FreeBritney movement, saying, “I just want her to be happy and free.”

Charli XCX’s confirmation comes after Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, stated that the singer will not be performing or recording music until her father, Jamie Spears, is removed from her conservatorship. This decision was made after Spears’ emotional testimony in court, where she revealed the extent of control her father has over her life and career.

Despite the disappointment of not being able to hear Charli XCX’s songs on a Britney Spears album, fans can still look forward to new music from the pop star. She recently released her single “Don’t Go Yet” and is set to drop her highly anticipated album, “Crash,” in September.

As for Spears, her legal battle continues as she fights for her freedom and control over her life. But with the support of her fans and fellow artists like Charli XCX, she remains hopeful for a brighter future.

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