Attic Theory, the sensational rock band from Liverpool, has finally revealed their “What We Fear The Most”

Leading the charge in the coming months will be the release of their debut album “What We Fear The Most,” a compelling addition to the innovative Liverpool rock ensemble Attic Theory. With a unique sound and energetic live performances, the band has carved their space.

Attic Theory is no ordinary rock band; they have very quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most talked-about new acts. Crowned ‘BEST NEW BAND’ at the prestigious Planet Rock Radio’s ‘The Rocks’ awards, their journey has been nothing short of meteoric. One of the promising new bands, they have been turning the right heads in the industry and in the music fans, with their critically acclaimed The Sign of an Active Mind EP, having features in several publications of high acclaim.

The band’s tracks have received support from major stations such as Planet Rock, Kerrang Radio, and Total Rock Radio, piling on top of an impressive number of Spotify plays and the success across streaming platforms along with music charts. Further support in this is found by the radio success and, therefore, illustrates the wide demographic appeal the band holds and the immediate recognition of its music.

Attic Theory has also proven their mettle on the live circuit. Touring the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, taking in the biggest national acts, their live shows pulsate with vibrancy and have done much to bolster their reputation, to such a degree that potential for this band to become festival favorites and more is clearly evident.

Pre-order is currently live for what is being called one of the band’s most anticipated debut albums, “What We Fear The Most.” Built from singles that already reached chart-topping success and critical acclaim, this album should prove a benchmark in the band’s career. It is this combination of his unique sound with such depthful lyrics that really does encapsulate a ‘promise of an earworm’ for old fans and new fans alike.

Attic Theory is the new, innovative power in rock music. These qualities, coupled with their built-in record of accolades, success at radio, and their live performances, will appeal to any music curator eager to spotlight emerging talent with real legs. “What We Fear The Most” is an album that most of all includes an indulging listening experience and eventually the projection of a very evolved band with clear musical conceptions.

Attic Theory will obviously resonate with fans of the band or those within the music space. As they further assert their selves to the top in rock music, their debut album is not just a drop but rather a statement of what is going to be expected from this rising band. Beware of Attic Theory; they are set to literally set the stage on fire.

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