The Ari Joshua Organ Quartet’s ‘Rare Groove’ Revives the Soul of Music in Seattle

Get ready to transport to a different time and place with the highly anticipated single "Rare Groove" by the Ari Joshua Organ Quartet featuring Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, and Grant Schroff. This fusion of funk, jazz, and soul is a testament to the timeless quality of music and the power of collaboration.
Ari Joshua Organ Quartet feat; Delvon Lamar, Skerik, & Grant Schroff - Rare Groove | Songlens Music Magazine

The Ari Joshua Organ Quartet Brings Vintage Vibes to Modern Ears with “Rare Groove”

Release Date: March 30, 2024
Check out Rare Groove here: Single Link

Seattle, United States

Seattle’s ever-burgeoning music sneaks up and shows that it is the innovative cradle of talent, as “Rare Groove” sums up the sumptuous and diverse sonic tapestries the city has become renowned for. This track features an impeccable lineup, with Music Factory Records fronting Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on the Hammond organ, and Skerik on the saxophone. On the rhythm section, there are drums from Grant Schroff. This quartet’s collaboration is a sonic journey that promises to be as timeless as it is fresh.

“Rare Groove” is more than just a song; it’s a melding of seasoned talents and a celebration of musical chemistry. Composer Ari Joshua, celebrated for his deep, sensitive guitar work, and Delvon Lamarr, who mines a modern, progressive sound on the Hammond organ seldom heard in music today, combine their talents.

Skerik adds layers of texture and emotion with his saxophone. Grant Schroff is tight on the drums, never allowing the groove to escape. The result is a sound that’s as nostalgic as it is novel. What sets “Rare Groove” apart isn’t just the musicianship but also the meticulous attention to the recording process.

The quartet’s performance really captured soul and essence using vintage-only audio equipment from Blue Mallard Studios and Studio Soljsonly, hence the intimate but broad sound. Mastered by Doug Krebs of Doug Krebs Mastering and visually complemented by Deep Groove Designs, every detail of the release was chiseled with the listener in mind for them to embrace it even more.

An Organ Funk Odyssey Continuing his mission of putting out 24 songs in 2024, Ari Joshua delivers “Rare Groove,” a single that builds on the momentum of recent tracks released, like “Country Stroll” and “Elephant Walk.” The latter two songs found Joshua collaborating with John Medeski and Billy Martin, setting a pretty high precedent for these new offerings. Rare Grojson: “Rare Groove” would surpass not only just to meet but surpass this very high standard, showing a thematic continuity of Joshua’s organ funk and groove exploration.

With more than 250,000 spins on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, “Rare Groove” has been hotly anticipated. But with success from their previous joints like “Soulmine,” “Fresh,” “Spooky,” “Say Whatcha Wanna Say,” the quartet definitely proves that they are a group able to touch bases in any territory across the world.

This new album is hoped to be following not only in the footsteps of its predecessors but also carving new ground for fans to get into.

The Future of Funk “Rare Groove,” therefore, is a very tantalizing appetizer for the eventual full album release of the Ari Joshua Organ Quartet. Their level of artistry and thought-filled composition, coupled with their originality in the recording process, set a new bar in funk and groove music. Make sure to catch “Rare Groove” streaming on all major platforms and stay tuned for more from the crew. With interviews on the way and further content available, new fans and old are urged to dive deep into the groove that this quartet has so skillfully crafted.

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