Janeuary Blooms with ‘Awakening’: A Spring Composition from the Heart of Ukraine

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Among the entire beautiful spring awakening of the landscapes in April, Ukrainian alternative composer and singer Janeuary opens something very similar but from another side in her new creation, named “Awakening.” The single was presented on April 5, reflecting the gentle blossoming of spring itself—romantic, sensual, and very intimate because of many details.

Created in partnership with the world’s leading classical musicians, “Awakening” is an experience that is both intimate yet capable of reaching deep within one’s soul. Janeuary describes the song as if it was not written so much by her, but rather, it seems, created for her. “Every time I hear it, it’s like the first time. I actually feel my heart stop,” Janeuary confessed.

A foray into sonic depth, every note of “The Single” wrapped around the listener like a lover’s embrace.

The arrangement will boast a rich tapestry of strings, with the viola tracing infinite lines, the cello laying down velvety foundations, and the violins blooming above, subtle but pervasive like the piano. This, Janeuary notes, is a divine gift, a celestial reward bestowed on her as the piece streams through her music. The track was recorded in Kyiv Sound Studio and involved the contribution of the most talented classical performers in Ukraine and mastering by Janeuary’s father, Andriy Kravchenko.

Yana Mayornikova, the executive producer, is sure that the song “Awakening” presents not only Janeuary’s most complicated work but the most rewarding one. “The composition just captures you with every note and is doomed to absolute success,” Mayornikova said confidently. Complementing the auditory, a splendid music video in unison with the artist’s melodies was uploaded simultaneously to the Janeuary official channel on YouTube. According to the artist, this is Janeuary, who filmed it with the musician Maksym Oschepkov, who is powerfully singing his part of the duet, against the luscious background of the M.M. Grishko National Botanical Garden in Kyiv.

It was, in fact, the setting and cinematography that further enhanced the dreamy effect of “Awakening.”

Janeuary looks at her music as if it was a very powerful medium, an abandoned language that sent out frequencies with deep love and connection in them. “Music is the code of love in its highest manifestation,” she said, alluding to this work of art’s power. “Awakening” is the first in the raw series of releases planned for this year, laying the groundwork for the release of another four events, summer.

Janeuary’s previous works have reached an international audience, and her track “In my damn head” and “Everest” got massive placements, critical acclaims in selected playlists worldwide. As “Awakening” blooms across digital platforms, Janeuary continues to define her voice in music as one of the very few that dares to blend classical influences into modern sensibilities in a way that will make it resonate universally, and with her fan base across the globe.

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