Gianfranco GFN Debuts Soulful Single “Are You Lost” from Upcoming Album

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GIANFRANCO GFN - ARE YOU LOST | Songlens Music Magazine

Release Date: April 29, 2024
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Bienne, Switzerland

Swiss-Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Gianfranco GFN drops his latest single “Are You Lost,” a riveting soul track that taps into the essence of feeling lost and confusion.

A single that will be part of an upcoming album, it features the known signature style of Gianfranco, who brilliantly mixes Acid-Jazz with Soul. It was released under his personal label, 96 Montigolfiera Production. Gianfranco, GFN, that from the nineties, began his career with groovy Acid-Jazz rhythms, continuing to evolve his sound to the present with interesting elements of soul and blues. Self-taught guitarist, composer, and producer, Gianfranco has given an important contribution to the music scene with his solo project and with the various bands he has been in through the years.

“Are You Lost” feels like their chosen topics on feeling lost and finding solace in another.

The piece includes Gianfranco GFN on guitar, David Caraccio on bass, Nicolas Pittet on drums, and Claude-Alain Biedermann on keyboards, with soul-cutting vocals delivered by Vladimir Crabone.

Musically, the track is narrated by two souls finding soljsonance in the other’s experiences of disorientation and despair.

The single was recorded at Trilogy Studio in Serrières, Neuchâtel, making a great representation of the fine blend between local and international musicians, who gave their hand on this track. The single is this “beautiful adventure,” Gianfranco’s example of true, authentic, real-instruments-requiring heartfelt performances.

“Are You Lost” is the forerunner of Gianfranco’s long-awaited fifth studio album, due in fall 2024. Now fans can expect tracks that continue to expand the experiences offered in Acid-Jazz and Soul music, featuring the biggest Swiss and worldwide artists.

The single “Are You Lost” can be purchased through streaming on a variety of platforms, including Bandcamp. They have also released a music video for the single on YouTube, which once more turns out to be a dynamically capable visual companion to the song’s touching lyrics and sweet-sounding rendition. The works of Gianfrjson GFN can be easily found on the Internet by searching his name. We recommend that you, as his listeners, support his music by donating through Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or directly by using PayPal. And with Are You Lost, Gianfrjson GFN just adds another deep piece to his musical repertoire, hinting at what is surely going to be an outstanding music piece on his upcoming album.


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