Ex en Provence Unveils “Feels So Right (Happy)”: A Modern Anthem for the Disenchanted

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Revolutionary duo Ex en Provence are gearing up for the release of their latest single, “Feels So Right (Happy),” off of their highly anticipated independent album. It stands for the complications of the modern world and how it has become so tough, filled with pressures to be happy. The single was later praised by BBC6’s Don Letts as “bang up to date,” and “pop glory” in Mesmerized.

“Feels So Right (Happy),” however, continues the thematic duality of life’s decisions in the contrasting lives of its protagonists, one wandering aimlessly in a supermarket, the other walking hesitantly down the church aisle.

This narrative delves into universal themes of ambivalence and the perennial grass-is-greener syndrome, placed through the lens of a modern love story, sparked from the remnants of an iPhone. This track is characterized by soulful melodies and poignant storytelling, building from a stream of consciousness to a pummeling electronic beat. This track, then, showcases the inner turmoil and realizations of his and other characters, giving the listener an emotional landscape of many of the vagaries life throws at most people—ups and downs.

Infused by their diverse backgrounds in London, Berlin, and Andalusia, Ex en Provence derive from a rich tapestry of influences into a shared psychological narrative often described as “Folie à deux” – a shared delusion among closely connected individuals.

Then, most clearly visible are the introspective lyrics and complex soundscapes presented against this rare psychological phenomenon, which provides a backdrop to their creative process. Fans at the Ex en Provence will expect to have a listen to “Feels So Right (Happy)” played in the upcoming group of small trans-European shows in Fall 2024. This is an expected example that should come to define their duo tour, which sees them playing a number of venues in several cities where we’ll get to hear their full, powerful energy.

With “Feels So Right (Happy),” Ex en Provence not only sings but calls her listeners to contemplate their own life decisions and moments when it’s one to be cherished and comforted by the beauty of unpredictability. This is not just a track but more of a reminder. Of a youth disenchanted full of weight, the song is full of normality. The search for happiness, mostly elusive, can really be found in the unlikeliest of places. Now, only weeks out from its release, “Feels So Right (Happy)” stands as an evocative anthem for those pondering the dichotomies of stability and unpredictability, strength and fragility, consistency and fickleness. Tune into those streaming apps, circle April 26, 2024, on the calendar, and keep watching—because it’s the day the world finds out why Ex en Provence still keeps the enchanting secret.

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