Edie Yvonne: From Childhood Performance to Cover EP Release

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At the tender age of ten, Edie Yvonne had a defining moment that led her to the path of becoming a musician. She was invited to play at Anna Bulbrook’s Girl School Festival at The Bootleg Theater. She has performed during a showcase organized by Kristin Kontrol, and shared the stage with female rock legends.

There she sang the iconic track “Fade Into You,” which to this day remains her favorite cover because of that transformative experience. After last year’s series of bilingual French/English singles, Yvonne is very proud to make yet another foray into the world of French music this fall.

The album will feature renditions of beloved songs from her catalogue, including “Fade Into You,” as well as the Blind Melon hit “No Rain,” and the expected cover of “Sometimes” by No Doubt set to be released in May. Now, 14 years old, Edie Yvonne revisits not only the music that was to form part of her early musical landscape but also those musicians who made such a valuable contribution and are still actively making strong inroads into their own music careers.

Her debut album “At Ease” was written under quiet introspection that the lockdowns afforded and yet showcases how she has the ability to write music of great meaning and from an age so young.

The production and arranging talents of Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta, who have both worked to seamlessly bridge Edie’s special vocal style with the instrumental nuance that these classic tracks have always asked for. Edie Yvonne’s new EP is more of the same, continuing to enchant and evoke the audience, promising that another classic cover, equipped with fresh energy from the young and imaginative artistry, will soon unfold. This project revisits not only her roots but actually sets the stage for an evolving career as a major figure in indie pop.

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