Broken Colours Rallies Fans with New Anthem “Not Giving In”

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Unlocking the Enchanting Depths of Fritz Kahn’s Musical Odyssey: A Journey of Evolution, Irony, and Personal Growth

Buckinghamshire, UK

Release Date: March 29, 2024
Check out Not Giving In here: Single Link

On March 29, 2024, indie-rock fans had a new anthem to rally around: Broken Colours have recently released their latest single, “Not Giving In.” Based out of Buckinghamshire, the band has seemed ever-evolving in crafting their sound toward the perfect base of indie rock with elements of funk and soul for a truly infectious take on the genre.

Not Giving In is a resonant testament to the rite built through Umar Arar’s unique guitar style and Tony Goff’s compelling lyrics. It has already taken off quickly with the bagging of acclaim for infectious instrumental hooks and direct lyrics that can easily touch the heart of anyone battling on their own field.

Tony Goff states, “‘Not Giving In’ is a song that talks of facing challenges head-on, not willing to give in. It’s a reminder to be strong; don’t give up on the journey that may seem tougher than most.” This message in his time is all about an individual’s tenacity and touches on the themes of strength and endurance that will be universal to feel in his day.

Since their formation in 2013, Broken Colours has come a long way on the music scene—from winning the prestigious ‘Be On The Scene’ contest in London to chart success and extensive tours in the UK, Italy, and Denmark. They have shared stages with iconic acts such; Feeder, Carl Barat, The Feeling, and The Blockheads.

Critics are already hailing the new single as “groundbreaking” and representing “by far the strongest work Broken Colours have ever done.” As the band continues in their musical expression, they are urging fans to become familiar with this latest release that is sure to be found on playlists and heard at live shows.

“Not Giving In” is now officially out on all the major streaming services, with the single link and official video above. Watch for more news on when the tour takes Broken Colours international through their socials.

As Broken Colours charges ahead with the new release, the band cements its indie-rock sound but continues to provoke thought among an audience through messages woven into their evocative, genre-bending music. Whether one is new to their sound or a longtime listener, “Not Giving In” takes it up a notch and proves a fine place to get on board with Broken Colours.

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